Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Tuition & Financial Aid

    Tuition & Financial Aid

    RPTS has continued our tuition freeze for 2022-2023.
    You need a high-quality education but also an affordable one.

  • Master's Level

    Master’s Level


    per quarter hour


    RPTS uses a quarter system, unlike other seminaries. See the Academic Q&A for more information about quarter hours.

    Tuition per quarter (15 hours) • $5,610
    Tuition per year (15 hours per quarter) • $16,830

  • Audit



    per class
    On Campus


    per class

    Auditors typically have no homework assignments, papers, quizzes, or tests. They receive no grade or academic credit at the end of the class. However, all prerequisites or other course limitations that apply to credit students will typically apply to auditors.

  • Doctoral Level

    Doctoral Level


    per course


    $12,900 for the complete program at the current tuition


Financial aid is available for Master’s level students to assist with tuition for credit classes.

Institutional Scholarships

Although we offer various institutional scholarships detailed in our Academic Catalog, students must apply for scholarship funds using our online Financial Aid Application. Scholarships are only available for master’s level courses. Please submit your financial aid application as early as possible after your acceptance to maximize your scholarship eligibility. RPTS does not require or review FAFSA forms to award institutional scholarship funds.

Church Match Scholarship

One popular award available for students enrolled in master’s level courses is the Church Match Scholarship, in which RPTS will match church contributions on a student’s behalf up to one-third of the total tuition cost. Please select the Church Match option in the Financial Aid Application if you and your church would like to participate in this program. This will forward the relevant information to your church so they can participate.

“Sponsor Our Student” (SOS) Tuition Program

Though not a scholarship, RPTS does have this SOS program, where friends and family can contribute toward your tuition. Although RPTS raises funds to keep your tuition as low as possible, this is an opportunity for you to help toward your educational costs. If you would like to participate, click here for a template you might use to ask others to give. If you have questions about this program, please contact Ed Blackwood ([email protected]).

Federal Loan Information

The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary does not participate in federal student loan programs.

Students interested in deferment options on previous federal student loans should contact their current loan servicer. Though in-school deferments may not be available during your studies at RPTS, you should explore all options with your loan servicing company, such as other types of deferment, forbearance, or income-based repayment (for lower monthly payments). If you don’t know your loan servicing company, click here. You will need your FSA ID login.