Welcome to the website of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS)! Whether you are casually checking out what RPTS is all about, or you are prayerfully considering future study at RPTS, or you are currently a member of the student body, faculty, or staff, I hope that you find what you are looking for on this site!

If you are a prospective student, I hope this site will enable you to understand who we are and what we emphasize in preparing pastors and training others in the Church for effective service in Christ’s Kingdom. You will get acquainted with our professors, our curriculum, and our policies. In particular, please notice that in addition to being scholars, our professors have experience as ordained pastors. Your study will be more than academic; it will be practical, as our professors shepherd you through theology and show you how to equip others in the church.

We want you to know that we are firmly committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. We take seriously the awesome privilege and responsibility of proclaiming the historic Reformed faith, with a special emphasis on the mediatorial Kingship of Christ over all of life.

I think you also will appreciate the camaraderie here. The Lord has brought together at the Seminary students from very diverse backgrounds who demonstrate genuine Biblical unity in their academic pursuits, in their out-of-class fellowship, and in their diligent service for Christ. Our classes are small enough in size to enable and encourage meaningful interaction between professors and students.

People hungry to study God’s Word come to us from Pittsburgh, the greater Tristate area (Ohio-West Virginia-Pennsylvania), other parts of the country, and from around the world. They are drawn to the Seminary because of our high view of Scripture, our passion to set forth the historic Reformed faith without compromise, and our commitment to the urban setting where God has placed us.

I hope you will enjoy exploring in this site what God is doing at RPTS. Please do keep in mind that words and pictures are limited in their ability to convey the enthusiasm and spiritual zeal of our faculty, students, and staff. We hope that you will visit us for a tour of our unique campus and experience for yourself the special way in which the Spirit of God is blessing our Seminary.

Thank you for getting acquainted with RPTS. Please let us know how we can help you further.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

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Jerry F. O'Neill
Professor of Pastoral Theology, 1995-

God has used a variety of experiences in Dr. O’Neill’s past to prepare him for his work at RPTS as President and Professor of Pastoral Theology. Prior to his pastoral ministry, his experiences included teaching at a Christian middle school and a public inner city high school, coaching high school and college basketball teams, serving in the infantry of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam, and serving as Dean of Student Development at a Christian college for five years.

Dr. O’Neill served for nearly fourteen years as the first pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Columbus, IN, before coming to the Seminary in 1995. In addition to his administrative and teaching responsibilities, he enjoys the informal mentoring of students.

He is the author of How Should I Remember the Sabbath and co-author of Abundant Life in Christ. He has contributed “What is a Healthy Church?” to the Reformed Theological Journal, and his other representative articles include the following: “The Marks of a Healthy Congregation,” “How the Lord Leads,” “Rethinking Our Recreation,” and “Pastors Preparing Pastors.”

Jerry and his wife, Ann, were married in 1968. They have five children and eighteen grandchildren.

Pastoral Experience
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Columbus, IN – Pastor, 1981-1995

Additional Teaching Experience
Geneva College
Sterling College

BA, Geneva College
MDiv, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
MS (Education), Indiana University
DD, Sterling College
DD, Geneva College

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Clayton J. WilliamsPROFESSOR img

Barry J. York PROFESSOR img



Richard C. Gamble
Professor of Systematic Theology, 2005- 

Dr. Gamble is in his 39th year of seminary teaching and has taught at RPTS since 2005. He explains his teaching philosophy: “When a student comes into a systematic theology class, he comes into holy ground. As Moses took off his sandals, so should we. Theology is heavy and weighty,
yet sweet and the stuff of life. While I do not give a sermon for lectures, my hope is that the lectures will ‘preach.’” He has been a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian and Christian Reformed churches and is presently a minister in the RPCNA. He has served congregations in Switzerland, Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Past president of the Calvin Studies Society, Dr. Gamble is the author of The Whole Counsel of God, Vol. I: God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament and Augustinus Contra Maximinum: An Analysis of Augustine’s Anti-Arian Writings. The second volume of his systematic theology, The Whole Counsel of God, Vol. II: The Full Revelation of God will appear late in 2017. He is the editor of the fourteen volume ENCYCLOPEDIA: Articles on Calvin and Calvinism, co-editor and contributor to Pressing Toward the Mark: Essays Commemorating 50 years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and contributing editor for Eerdmans’ Calvin’s Old Testament Commentaries. He has contributed over 20 chapters to books and festschrifts, including “Calvin Bibliography,” in Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration, “From the Early Church through Constantine,” in Revolutions in World View, “The Doctrine of the Atonement from the Westminster Assembly to the 20th Century,” in The Faith Once Delivered: Essays in Honor of Wayne Spear, “The Relationship between Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology,” in Always Reforming: Explorations in Systematic Theology, “Calvin and Vermigli: A Study in the Foundations of Reformed Eucharistic Theology,” in Peter Martyr Vermigli and the European Reformations. Studies in the History of Christian Thought, and “Calvin’s Controversies,” in The Cambridge Companion to John Calvin.

A prolific writer, Dr. Gamble has written over 75 articles and book reviews that have appeared in scholarly journals including 16th Century Journal, Westminster Theological Journal, Calvin Theological Journal, Archive für Reformationsgeschichte, Reformed Theological Journal, Theologische Zeitschrift, Renaissance Quarterly, and Themelios as well as publications for a general audience such as The Christian Statesman, Presbyterian Journal, The Banner, Reformed Quarterly, The Reformed Presbyterian Witness, Urban Mission, Presbyterian Layman, Eternity, and Tabletalk.

Commitment to missions, both home and foreign, has long been a hallmark of Dr. Gamble’s ministry, and he has taught widely in the Christian community over four continents. He has lectured at Kobe Theological Hall; Tokyo Theological Institute; Hap Dong Theological Seminary; Chongshin Seminary; Cheon An University; Soongsil University; the Presbyterian Bible College, Taipei; the Evangelical Theological Seminary, Prague; The Free University, Amsterdam; Rutherford House, Edin-burgh; The Reformed Theological College, Ireland; die Freie Evangelisch-Theologische Akademie, Basel, Switzerland; the Calvin 500 Conference in Geneva, Switzerland; and Ottawa Theological Hall, Canada; as well as at many universities, seminaries and learned societies in the United States. He has also spoken at numerous family Bible camps, church conferences, and seminars from the beaches of California to the mountains of New York.

Rick and his wife, Janice, have five daughters and four grandchildren.

Pastoral Experience

Basel Christian Fellowship, Basel, Switzerland – Stated Supply, 1978-1980
Blue Bell Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA – Stated Supply, 1983-1984
Burton Heights Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI – Associate Pastor, 1987-1992
Lake Odessa Christian Reformed Church, Lake Odessa, MI – Associate Pastor, 1992-1997
Cornerstone Reformed Presbyterian Mission Church, Chuluota, FL – Church Planter, 1998-2000
College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church, Beaver Falls, PA – Senior Pastor, 2008-2010

Additional Teaching Experience

Freie Evangelisch-Theologische Akademie, Basel, Switzerland, 1979-1981
Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA, 1981-1987
Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI,1987-1997
Director, H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies, Calvin College and Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI, 1987-1997
Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL, 1997-2005
Akademie fuer Reformatorische Theologie, Marburg, Germany, 1998-2002
Scholar-in-Residence, Great Lakes/Gulf Presbytery, RPCNA, 2002-2005
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA, 2005-Present
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI, 2017-


BA, Westminster College
MA, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
PhD (Theology), Universität Basel, Switzerland

Thomas G. Reid, Jr.
Librarian, 1996-

Besides his pastoral experience, Rev. Reid has brought a wealth of expertise to the professional development of the Seminary Library. Prior to coming to RPTS, he was Assistant to the Librarian at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Librarian for the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Hall in Belfast, Ireland, and Head Librarian at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.

Professor Reid shares his advanced research knowledge with degree students by teaching Theological Research and Writing, and he also is responsible for teaching Reformed Presbyterian History. He contributed to Worship in the Presence of God and The Role and Service of Women. His representative articles include the following: “Auguste Lecerf and the Renaissance of Calvinism in Modern France,” in Evangelical Times; “The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America among the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches,” in Semper Reformanda; “For the Sake of True Ecumenicity,” in Covenanter Witness of Scotland and Ireland; “Books about the Covenanters, Past and Present,” in The Christian Observer; and, “Acquiring Materials on World Christianity,” in Proceedings of the 54th Annual Conference, American Theological Library Association. He is working with Evangelical Press in England on a study commentary on Judges and Ruth.

Tom and his wife, Geneviève, were married in 1979. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Pastoral Experience
Creevagh Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ballybay, Republic of Ireland – Pastor, 1980-1983
Quinter Reformed Presbyterian Church, Quinter, KS – Pastor, 1988-1989
Presbyterian Reformed Church of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Pastor, 1994-1996

BA, Westmont College
MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary
MTh, La Faculté de Théologie Réformée, Aix-en-Provence, France
MS (Library Science), University of Pittsburgh
DipTh, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Clayton J. Williams
Professor of Old Testament Studies, 2005-

 Dr. Williams has a passion to help fill the great need in the Church for interpreting and applying the Old Testament to the New Testament:

“The Old Testament itself constitutes over three-quarters of the Bible, making it an essential part of the faith and life of believers. In 2 Timothy 3:16, Paul writes that all Scripture is useful for equipping the man of God. What Paul had immediately in mind was what we call the Old Testament, so it is a central part of preparing men for ministry.”

Having first served in the pastorate, he designs his courses with ministry in mind: “I teach with an eye toward preparing men to preach and teach in a local church on a weekly basis.”

In the fall of 2005, he became the youngest full-time faculty in RPTS history at age thirty-three when he assumed the role of Professor of Old Testament Studies. His representative articles include the following: “Redeeming the Time,” in Covenanter Witness and “Thanksgiving and Covenanting,” in Semper Reformanda. In early 2017, he published The Shadow of Christ in the Book of Job.

C. J. and his wife, Sherri, were married in 1995. They have five children.

Pastoral Experience
Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA – Organizing Pastor, 1998-2005

Additional Teaching Experience
Adjunct Professor, 2001-2005, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

BA, Covenant College
MDiv, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
MA, Siegal College of Jewish Studies
PhD, Baltimore Hebrew Institute of Towson University

Barry J. York
Dean of Faculty

Professor of Pastoral Theology, 2013-

After redeeming him from his sin as a college student, the Lord blessed Barry by putting excellent mentors into his life who built into his heart through God’s Word a love for the Church, disciple making, and spiritual multiplication. He was sent to Kokomo, Indiana, as a church planter in 1991. The congregation of Sycamore Re-formed Presbyterian Church was organized in 1994, where Barry served as pastor until he came to RPTS.

Other experiences that the Lord has given Barry to prepare him for his teaching in pastoral theology include the following: administrator and teacher for Sycamore Covenant Academy for eleven years; member of the RPTS Board for nine years; consultant for several church plants; and speaker at numerous youth and family church conferences. He writes regularly for the blog Gentle Reformation, is the General Editor of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal, and podcasts regularly on 3GT (Three Guys Theologizing).

Barry and his wife, Miriam, were married in 1985. They have six children and four grandchildren.

Pastoral Experience
Reformed Presbyterian Church, West Lafayette, IN – Associate Pastor, 1991-1992
Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship, Kokomo, IN – Church Planter, 1991-1994
Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Church, Kokomo, IN – Pastor, 1994-2013

Additional Teaching Experience
Purdue University
University of Pittsburgh
Indiana University – Kokomo
Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery (Seminary Education Classes)
Sycamore Covenant Academy

BS (Mathematics), University of Michigan
MAT (Mathematics), Purdue University
MDiv, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
DMin, Reformed Theological Seminary

Jack D. Kinneer
Director of the DMin Program
Adjunct Professor of New Testament Studies, 2003-

Dr. Kinneer teaches Greek and New Testament Exegesis, along with General Epistles and Revelation. He is also the Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program.

A minister of the Presbyterian Church in America, Dr. Kinneer is the author of How to Grow in Christ and a contributing writer to Order in the Offices: Essays Defining the Roles of Church Offices.

Jack and his wife, Janice, were married in 1974. They have one daughter.

Pastoral Experience
Covenant (formerly New Life) Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Easton, PA –
Church Planter (Evangelist) and Pastor, 1980-1996
Pioneer Presbyterian Church, Ligonier, PA – Associate Pastor, 2006 to present
Additional Teaching Experience
Echo Hills Christian Study Center

BA, Clarion State College
MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary
DMin, St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

George  C. Scipione
Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute
Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology, 2008-

Dr. George Scipione is a member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), for which he also is a member of the Academy, a Supervising Fellow, and a board member. He was hired by RPTS to develop and direct the Biblical Counseling Institute to offer pastoral students more hands-on experience before graduation. In addition to pastoral counseling courses, students have the opportunity to “shadow” Dr. Scipione in counseling sessions.

Dr. Scipione has been a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church since 1974 and is the founder and former director of the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship in San Diego, a ministry that trains church officers and laymen in the principles and practices of counseling based on the Word of God as a fully sufficient guide.

“I believe counseling is a subset of discipleship. Therefore, counseling is a spiritual duty and for select persons, the exercise of a spiritual gift. The elders are God’s main counselors, while gifted laymen will help them, and all exercise this duty. All non-organic problems must be solved Biblically under the oversight of the elders. Organic problems need the best available medical care in conjunction with the pastoral care of the elders.”

He has written the following select articles: “The Wonderful Counselor, the Other Counselor, and Christian Counseling,” in Westminster Theological Journal; “The Biblical Ethics of Transsexual Operations,” in The Journal of Biblical Ethics in Medicine; “Is Porn Norm?” in Evangelium; and the following in the Journal of Pastoral Practice: “How Important is the Biblical Counseling Movement?”; “Eeney, Meeny, Mieny, Mo, Is Biblical Counseling It or No?”; “The Limits of Confidentiality in Counseling”; “Who Owns the Children of Divorce?”; and “Self-Esteem is Sweeping Over America.”

He also is author of The Pauline Concept of SUNEIDESIS (MTh), Timothy, Titus and You: A Workbook for Church Leaders, and The Sword and the Shovel: The Battle for the Biblical Family.  Dr. Scipione has taught abroad in Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Uganda.

George and his wife, Eileen, were married in 1972. They have five children and two grandchildren.

Pastoral Experience
Calvary Community Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Harmony, NJ – Pastor, 1974-1982
Bayview Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Chula Vista, CA – Associate Pastor, 1992-2006
Covenant Community Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Taylors, SC – Church Planter, 2006-2008

Additional Teaching Experience
Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, Glenside, PA
Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, San Diego, CA
Westminster Seminary California
Ottawa Theological Hall, Ottawa, ON
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, SC
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI
Lecturer in theology in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Central and South America

AB, Temple University
BD, Westminster Theological Seminary
MA, Temple University
ThM, Westminster Theological Seminary
PhD, Whitefield Theological Seminary
DMin studies, Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Westminster
Theological Seminary (California), Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary