Save the Gables

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1

Why Call the Campaign, "Save the Gables"?

A Message from Jerry O'Neill

President Emeritus, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

In 1898, Durbin Horne and his family moved into their new home on Penn Avenue in the East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Durbin Horne, son of retail magnate Joseph Horne, placed his home in the same neighborhood as the mansions of many industrialists. The mansion home, designed by architect Charles Tattersall Ingham, was called “The Gables,” and it was built to last.

For one hundred and twenty years, the building has done just that—last. But the Scriptures remind us that we live in a fallen world where “moth and rust destroy”; and in the case of Rutherford Hall, the sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, and sleet over one hundred and twenty years have caused unseen damage of which we have only recently become aware. When we rented a boom lift for our first REmaker Work Conference, we were expecting to do some minor repairs to the gables, but we were quite surprised to find that they need a huge amount of work requiring expensive, skilled craftsmanship that is very hard to find today.

We are calling this campaign the “Save ‘The Gables’” campaign because of the double meaning inherent in the phrase. “The Gables” was the name of this historic mansion, and we want to get it in shape for the next one hundred plus years. And it was the condition of the gables in the old mansion that led us to the campaign. To learn more, please read our Campaign Booklet.

About the Campaign

A Message from Michael LeFebvre

President, Board of Trustees

For nearly a century, Rutherford Hall has served as the home of RPTS. Since its acquisition by the Seminary in 1923, thousands of students have been prepared for the Gospel ministry inside its library and classrooms. If walls could talk, it would be remarkable to review the countless hours of instruction heard by these rooms.

Rutherford Hall, with the addition of a few of its surrounding buildings, continues to serve as an important platform for ministry to all corners of the globe. But after so many decades housing all this activity, this elegant old building is in need of some loving attention herself.

To ensure the ministry of the Seminary continues unhindered from this place, the Board of Trustees has launched a $3 million campaign to repair, refurbish, and restore The Gables and to establish an endowment for the ongoing maintenance of Seminary properties.

With care, these facilities have a lot of years left in them. We hope to see many more thousands equipped in these classrooms over coming generations. We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining with us to support this practical need for the ongoing work of the Church!

The Goals for the Campaign

Save the Gables...Secure the Future

The funds raised during this eighteen-month, three million dollar campaign will be used as follows:

Slate Roof Replacement $500,000
Gable Restorations $800,000
Kitchen and Basement Renovations $400,000
Facilities Maintenance Endowment $300,000
Operating Capital During the Campaign $1,000,000


To Participate in the Campaign

Please get in touch with us so we can talk with you about your gift or pledge toward the Save the Gables campaign at RPTS. We’d like to walk you through any questions you have, and learn how we can best serve your needs and interests. Please contact Mark Sampson, Director of Institutional Advancement at 412-731-6000.

If you are ready to join the campaign, please complete and return our Participation Card. For your convenience, you can make an online donation here.

Thank you for your investment, which will help to prepare the future leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ.